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  • “I just wanna say thanks for everything man from start to finish you have really helped me get an understanding of how to cut properly. All my questions have been answered and I feel that I now can go on by myself and continue on in the cut for another for weeks. Planning on going back into a lean bulk for a good while after the cut is finished and making more of a solid foundation of muscle for the next cut. Looking back on my first picture I sent to you makes me realise how far I've gotten in this cut.Starting at 87kg and now at around 75kg. I'm so happy with the results. Thanks for everything man and hopefully we can talk again someday.”

    Daniel Hanney
  • “It's the end of my 6 weeks and I have just stood on the scales and have dropped to 11st 10.5lbs. I have really enjoyed the training and being able to track and eat what foods I want so I'm not craving and then end up having a big binge. I've had a couple of nights out and eaten out a few times during the 6 weeks and this has also taught me that as long as I'm 90% consistent the results will still come. I've got another 3 weeks till my holiday so I'm going to stick to the macros for that time then have a rest but minimise the damage done on holiday then cut down again for summer. I can't thank you enough for the help and what you have taught me it is definitely a sustainable way of living and I'm keen to see what changes will happen in even a years time. Once again thanks.”

    Paul Taylor
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