7 Tips: How to Get Back on Track in 2020

It’s time to establish a routine, hit some big sessions and get down to business in 2020! Here are 7 tips to get you kick started in the new decade. Now’s your time to get positive and start smashing them goals, whether it be fitness or business. 1)  Start Slow When you’ve had a few […]

The True Secret to Self-Discipline

“Motivation comes and goes but what are your keys to building discipline that carries you through the lows?” I got this question in a Q&A recently, and thought I’d answer it in more depth, because I think it’s an important subject. The first thing I’d say about this is that you need to know your […]

6 Tips: How to Break a Plateau in Bodybuilding

Hitting a bodybuilding or weight loss plateau is something all regular lifters go through, so don’t worry! You’ll soon be out of it and back to smashing PRs and making gains again.  Here’s some tips that will help you get back on your way to smashing your goals. 1. Eat more First thing I’m gonna […]

How to Get Abs & What Body Fat % You Need

There is not a ‘set number’ for the body fat percentage you need to get abs. Everyone is different, so the percentage for you to start showing abs will depend on a number of different factors. 1) The Individual’s Genetics     We are all different. We are all predisposed to hold body fat in […]

10 Things We Learned in Our Twenties | Rob Lipsett & Mike Thurston

During my recent trip to Dubai, I sat down with Mike Thurston (@mikethurston) and Louis Armstrong (@louisarmstrong7). We discussed 10 things we’ve learned in our twenties, including what we might have done were we to start them again.  There’s some really valuable advice in this article that I wish I’d heard when I was a […]

Easy Way to Work Out Maintenance Calories

Not everyone’s TDEE is the same, as lots of factors can affect how much energy your body burns every day, like age, gender, height, weight, genetics, and activity level (i.e. how much you move). Jennifer Blow, Nutritionist I remember back when I started out, I’d do this with a pen and paper! It was so […]

Good and Bad Proteins: Do they Exist?

“Is there such a thing as good and bad protein, or does it not matter where you get it from, as long as you hit your goal?” In short, yes there is. But what determines which are the best sources of protein? Certain proteins are higher quality because they are more bio-available. Bioavailability (biological availability) […]

3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Starting Out in Fitness

  1. Followed a Bro Split with NO Structure Following a structured programme is crucial to making consistent, significant gains. When I first started I would just go into the gym and do things randomly – which is not ideal. But once I got on a proper programme with a proper plan, my progress just […]

5 Reasons Why I Moved to London

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche 1. I just needed a Change of Environment I LOVE Dublin. I love it with all my heart! You won’t find someone who loves Dublin more […]

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