3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Starting Out in Fitness

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1. Followed a Bro Split with NO Structure

Following a structured programme is crucial to making consistent, significant gains.

When I first started I would just go into the gym and do things randomly – which is not ideal. But once I got on a proper programme with a proper plan, my progress just took off.

In addition to following a programme, tracking your lifts will allow you to see your improvement, which in turn will help you build good habits (because you’re getting seeing the rewards), and help maintain your consistency.

2. Didn’t Track Nutrition

In terms of nutrition, my biggest mistake was not tracking it.

Kind of like training, eating randomly without no goal you’re kind of ‘shooting into the dark’.  So yeah, with training and nutrition I’d say tracking  your calories should be a priority.

Make sure you’re either eating in a surplus to gain muscle, or if you wanna lose fat, make sure you’re in a calorie deficit. You can work out how to calculate your maintenance here.

“We have very strong evidence that consistent tracking – particularly of diet, but also one’s weight – is an essential element of successful weight loss. Consumers should look for apps that make it easy for them to track on a consistent basis.”

‘Comparing Self-Monitoring Strategies for Weight Loss in a Smartphone App’, Bennett


3. Could have started Training SERIOUSLY earlier

The earlier you start, the more your ‘training age’ will be.

I only really took things seriously when I was about 21. I’m 28 now, so have only really had 7 really consecutive, consistent training years under my belt. So if I took things seriously 3 years’ earlier, I’d be coming up to 10 years.

So yeah, the phrase ‘the younger the better’ applies somewhat here, as there is some debate at what age is best to start. But yeah, I wouldn’t recommend starting when you’re like 10 years old..

Saying this, if you are older than 21, please don’t let that stop you starting! If you start knowing exactly what you’re doing in terms of programmes, you’ve got a great advantage over if you started clueless. 

My Mistakes in Content Creation

In terms of content creation and my career in the fitness industry, I made a tonne of mistakes at the start. But the main thing is that I did start. 

In terms of the idea of ‘the younger the better’ in putting information online, I’d say not exactly. A lot of the guys that I follow online (Joe Rogan and Gary Vee to name two), are well into their 40s or 50s. 

The older you get, the more life experience you build up, and therefore, the more you have to say; the more you can bring to the table. 

So, in terms of content creation, it doesn’t really matter what age you start at. The important thing is just starting. And that goes for fitness as well.

If you’re looking for a training and nutrition plan which is ideal for beginners, you might wanna consider getting your own personalised programme. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, it could be a game changer for achieving your fitness goals. 



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